Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is considered as the medium between the makers and the customers of the any product. This way, the experience of the delivery of the services by the website becomes much easier. It marks the way rendering to which the site collects, uses, bears and distributes the data congregated from the customers of the website. Every service provided by us is covered under this website.

About the data that we gather

Non-personal identification information: The main focus here is on the browser and machinery which is used by the clients to get in touch with the website. All of this information is brought together through the website only.

Personal identification information: The space focuses on the information provided by the customers at the time of logging on to the website. It majorly focuses on the details such as name, contact number, email ID, address etc. This space generally also asks the credit/debit card number of the customers so as to make their experience of placement of the order easier.

Web Browser Cookies

These are the ones which are responsible for making the experience of the customers a wonderful one on the website. It supports the developers in collecting all-out information about the visitors thus, helping the manufacturers understand the pattern in which the people visit the website.

The way in which the information is used by us

The data given by the customer during their visit to the website while the placement of the order is used by the website. If any customer participates in any promotional event then, this too provides us the information about the customer. The information is generally used for:

  • Making better the functions of the website
  • Improving the help and assistance to each customer
  • To speed up the payment process
  • To enhance the experience and stay of every customer on the website
  • To understand what our customer really wants

There is a weekly newsletter which is send to the email IDs of all our customers. Those who wish to discontinue the service can opt out from it.

Protection of customers’ information

The details provided by the customers is safe and secure in a high-tech network whose access is given to only some members of the team. When any customer makes the payment for any purchase, the details are transferred through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology following which it is encoded in the company’s database.

Outsourcing of the customers’ information

We never outsource the information provided by our customers. It is our policy to keep the details safe and secure. The sharing of the information might be done only under one circumstance and that too, if the law asks us to do so. Apart from this, the information is stored in a secured channel and we make sure that no one reaches it without our permission.

How to opt out of the newsletter?

Every customer who wishes to opt out from our newsletter service can click on the ‘discontinuation’ link provided at the end of each newsletter mail sent to them. The service can be stopped by sending us a mail with the word ‘OPT OUT OF NEWSLETTER’ mentioned in the subject line. Do not forget to mention your email ID in the message.

Our link with other sources

Our link with other sources is there but, we not have any role to play in their products, and privacy policy. Therefore, it is mandatory for every customer to go through every detail about the product by visiting the external website before placing an order.

How do we notify about change in the policy?

We notify each of our customers about the changes in the privacy policy through an email. For the matter of fact, we make sure that a tickers is running on the website about the changes. In case any customer is unhappy with the changes, he/she has the full right to opt out from our services.