Is Bella At Home Scam Or Fake? – Read ALL SIDE EFFECTS HERE!!

This new age teeth whitening system has been named as Bella At Home. It contains no harmful ingredients and is safe to be used regularly. It frees the teeth from plaque, yellowness and even stains so as to maintain their whiteness and sparkle always. The formula is being used effectively all over the world by numerous men and women. It is a safe way of gaining white teeth in less than a month. It does not takes much time in cleansing the teeth and is a recommended product by the dentists. Above all, it is cheap than the treatments which your dentists advice you to have in a bid to get freedom from oral problems. To know more, read below.

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As per the label of the pack, this teeth whitening system contains 22 per cent carbamide peroxide. According to its official website, this component is the same peroxide agent which is used in professional whitening systems that are used by the scientists. Apart from this, there is no other ingredient in it and if at all it has, then no one has the knowledge about it as it has not been revealed by its makers. The product is a chemical-free formula.

How does it work?

This product is in a machine form. When you will open the pack, you will come across a gel and a machine kind of a thing. In order to make the use of this product, we have to make the use of both the contents in the pack together. The gel contains natural ingredients which acts tough on the oral problems. It rids the teeth from paleness, yellow tinge and plaque. The gel also reduces the risk of gum problems and cavities hence, providing us a healthy oral health. This product is highly cited by its makers and even by dentists all over the world.



The use of this product on the teeth will provide us freedom from bad odour of the mouth. This gel is effective not only on the teeth but, strives to provide us good oral health. The formula reduces the yellowness of the teeth and even rids them from plaque. It also heals gum problems and protects us from the risk of gaining various other diseases. The product is beneficial in giving us a sparkling, white and shining smile.


My experience with this easy to use product has been extremely good. It maintains the overall health of my mouth. The formula has reduced my tension that someday, I may ail with mouth cancer. It is a great teeth whitening formula which was recommended to me by a close relative. I took the suggestion of the doctor before purchasing it.

The formula is easy to apply and smoothly spreads on each tooth. It cleanses each tooth of ours and rids them from plaque, tarter and even yellowness. Today, all my colleagues are jealous of me because of my sparkling smile. This product grants all the benefits which it has promised to its customers.


  • This teeth whitening agent must be purchased from the official website
  • It should not be used by children and teenagers as their teeth is sensitive
  • The gel of the product should be shielded against UV rays
  • The machine and the gel should not be brought in contact with moisture or heat
  • Recommendation from a dentists is must to begin using this formula
  • If you experience any sensation on the teeth, stop its use and consult a tooth care expert

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What to do to make it work better?

This is a natural product and its results can be promoted only by making its use daily. Apart from this, we should avoid letting our teeth stain and grow yellow. For this, we must control drinking coffee, cold drinks, tea and alcohol too. Apart from this, we should not smoke and concentrate on the consumption of green vegetables and fruits.

Side effects

It is a product which is not available on any other source expect its own official website. This formula is made up of only one important ingredient and it is 100% natural. The effectiveness of the cream can be seen on the teeth after we begin to use it.


How to apply?

Before applying it, we must first gargle with water and ensure that no food particle is stuck between our teeth. Once done, take the custom fit trays that came with the pack and fill some gel into them. Now, place them on your teeth for at least 15 minutes. After the designated time, wash your mouth with water. The repetition of the routine must be made daily.

Free trial?

The trial pack of this teeth whitening formula is available and its delivery will be done at the doorstep. It is a 15-day pack and helps you understand the performance of the gel on the teeth. It can be ordered through the official website. The free trial pack is available only once.

How to buy?

Bella At Home is newly-launched super exclusive product which is why it is being sold only on its own official website. The product is not available at any dentist and hence, to order it a registration is mandatory on the official page. The delivery of the product is done in just 3 days.

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